About Jake Ingalls

Hi, Jake here.

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself, since you’re probably wondering “Who is Jake Ingalls.”

For starters, I’m a normal guy who went through a point in time where I had to get this “business credit” thing figured out.

You see, I started out in business doing what most small business owners do – financing startup costs using every scrap of personal savings and maxing-out my personal credit cards in the process.

I had no other choice.

But because I was “too busy” working IN my business to work ON my company’s credit, I learned a big lesson in a very-hard way…

Lesson: Banks Don’t Lend Money to Businesses That Need It – Only to “Credit-Worthy” Ones

I learned just how foolish I was to not build separate business credit – starting early.

Because let me tell you something…  No matter what field you’re in, there’s obstacles ahead.  They may not even be on the horizon yet, but there’s there.  That’s just a fact of life and business.

With my personal credit cards maxed-out and every penny emptied from my savings, I hit a brick wall…  I couldn’t get business credit to save my life!  And I needed it desperately to advertise and keep my business going.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching your profits dry-up and your company implode –

  • When you have to turn-down a life-changing opportunity because you can’t get financing to jump on it – and jump quick!
  • Because an industry shake-up renders your “proven” business model obsolete overnight (Trust me, it can happen to anyone in a New York Minute!)
  • If you lose a big client (or they go out of business) – taking the lion’s share of your company’s revenue with it
  • Because you can’t get financing to hire employees, advertise and grow
  • And so on…

When you think you’re too busy working in your business to work on it (like building business credit), you’re headed for trouble.

It’s good to be optimistic about your company’s future, but it’s foolish to leap into the unknown without a safety-net.

Business credit is one such safety net, because the United States Small Business Administration reports one of the leading causes of business failure is lack of capital.  And lack of money is the single-biggest worry plaguing most entrepreneurs these days.

To make a long story short, a profitable income stream dried up (my company’s bread-and-butter), and I couldn’t get the fast credit needed to expand advertising.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this or not, but when your personal credit cards are maxed out, it’s like pulling teeth to get another credit card.  And I could forget about business credit cards and loans because I didn’t have business credit to speak of!

I went from having consistent $1,000+ days in my business to not being able to make the minimum payments on my personal credit cards and watching my credit score drop like a lead anvil to 495.

So, yes, I know what it’s like to have credit that’s worse than terrible.

And, I know how liberating it feels to pull yourself out of the pit and stand on two feet again.

I realized then I could either hold on to a self-defeating story and be “stuck” with bad credit for at least seven years… and allow my story and bad-credit to rob me of incredible opportunities…

Or…  I could choose my attitude and attack this challenge head-on.

How I Learned the Real Secrets to Building Personal & Business Credit

So, I studied long and hard.  I sought-out people who had excellent personal credit, even after declaring bankruptcy a few years prior.

I also sought-out business owners who’d already amassed tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars in business credit, even though their companies were brand new.

I studied their methods.  Applied them.  And kept what worked.

In 18 short months, I raised my credit score 150 points and got over $15,000 in new personal credit – all without getting bad information taken off my credit reports.

When you accomplish these kind of feats, people sit up and start to notice.

I had strangers literally beg me to fix their business and personal credit, because my methods work!  In fact, I’ve even received apology letters from collection agencies when I’ve helped others fix their credit.

Anyway, I took everything I learned from building personal credit and I applied it to building business credit.

And, finally, I put it all into a system so anybody could use to get business financing, leaving no stone unturned.  I created my Six Figure Business Credit Course to deal with today’s challenges and opportunities, because a lot of the stuff from even 2-3 years ago just won’t work today – period.

I knew I had to get this system out there, and get it out quick, because it pains me to see so many hard-working entrepreneurs struggle or watch their dreams die, simply because they can’t get business financing.

Why Should You Believe That I Can Help You?

It’s a good question.  As you know, there’s a lot of companies out there that want you to believe they have all the answers.

Well, sorry to say, I don’t have them all.

But, I have some of the answers, and plenty of people have applied and profited from my methods for me to know they work.

You’re probably wondering why you should believe what I say.

And my answer is you SHOULDN’T blindly believe what I say.

I welcome skeptics and I encourage you to approach my material from a friendly, scientific perspective.

I want you to TRY what you learn from me.

That’s why I back up my course with an unconditional money-back guarantee.  Try it out and apply the methods to your business.  Check out everything.

If you don’t get quick, measurable results, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny on the spot.  No hassles, no quibbles.  I’m serious.

You’ll soon discover I”m only interested in stuff that works.  No theory or nonsense.  That’s why my course cuts through the fat and tells you exactly what to do, then exactly how to do it to get maximum business financing.

Only after you’ve seen first-hand these methods work do I want you to believe them.

I firmly believe you won’t find anything better – or more comprehensive – than Six Figure Business Credit, and I stand behind it.  I honestly hope you get a ton of value from it.

Your Friend,

Jake Ingalls

Jake Ingalls
Six Figure Business Credit

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